We are a small company that focuses on writing quality code along with creative designs. Over the years, we have developed strong client relationships as we value repeat business. We work with both big and small companies, as well as startups - so our team have plenty of variety in their work.

Our Approach

At JB Web Development, we really believe that you can only get a satisfactory end product by ensuring there is plenty of communication throughout the development process, and careful planning beforehand. We also ensure that all areas of the product are rigourously tested before deploying live.


JB Web Development was founded by James Browning, who first started his freelance web and app development business 10 years ago in Beijing, China. In 2014, James moved back to the UK in order to take up a Senior Developer role, while continuing his freelance business. After having gained extensive knowledge in both front and backend development, he formed JB Web Development. Now with an establised client base and growing team, we are continuing to take on all kinds of app and web projects.

James Browning | Director of JB Web Development

James Browning